Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything." ~ William Shakespeare

To give you all an idea of how scattered a grieving brain still is at just 7 months out, I'm still so out of it, that I forgot about my own all-time favorite holiday ~ Earth Day!  It's one of my favorite days of the year.  One day of a celebration that doesn't scream "you should have your whole family here and together", though I wish more than anything I did.  It's just a day to enjoy the world for all its beauty and add something to it.  It's a peaceful day.  Traditionally, my daughter and I are doing garden things all day and never turn on the tv or computer.  I look forward to Earth Day all year long.  It's an extremely important day to me.  And my grief made me forget....  In fact, I can hardly recall these past 7 months at all.  I recently had to ask my husband where we were for or what we did for Christmas because I truly could not remember.

Oh, and 7 months after the death of my son, I'm still lucky if I remember to brush my teeth daily.

Grief is an amazing force that no one can control.  Not even a seasoned griever such as myself.  Forgetting things is a normal part of grieving.  If I have forgotten to acknowledge an important event in your life or to do something I said I would, I sincerely apologize and need gentle reminders from you of those things.

So, Happy Belated Earth Day to all.  I suppose we'll have our own belated celebration one day this week, but I'm still a little upset that I could forget my favorite day so easily...

I'm also beginning to realize that my 30 day blog challenge is starting to look like a 30 month blog challenge.  Procrastination at its best!

In the midst of your grief, what are some important things that completely slipped your mind?


  1. My brain pretty much ceased to function at a normal level since my son died. 3+ years later I still have a lot of trouble. Some if just slipping of the mind, others is not really caring as much anymore. I've forgotten to put shoes on when I leave the house, been late on bills, etc. It sucks.

    Giving you an updated blog link for my blog since the one you have listed is defunct. ;) It's: http://throughgreyskies.net.tc


  2. I think we'll all excuse you the forgetfulness. Sending love and more love! (Even if it is a 30 month blog challenge, I was pretty excited to see you pop up in my inbox!) <3

  3. Ah, grief brain. My excuse for...wait, what were we talking about?

  4. The teeth brushing still gets me. . .let alone leg shaving and other basic hygiene tasks that used to be no-brainers are now not in my brain at all. Getting dressed. Eating.

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