Friday, March 2, 2012

"Chaos is a friend of mine." ~Bob Dylan

About Me Blog Challenge Day 3:  A picture of me and my friends.

When I'm not kickin it with Chaos, I'm usually hanging out with my friends...on facebook!  It's the most convenient thing for us busy bees, tied up with either work, parenthood, or both.  Every now and then we make time to get together for some well deserved frivolity.

Depending on the group of friends I'm with, the activities vary.  Some of these activities include:
St. Louis Zoo days hopefully soaking in some sunshine and getting those glutes in shape by power walking up the hills, sometimes twice because I forget a section is under construction and I have to go back and all the way around;
Shopping (which means a lot of yawning for me unless it involves Lush, The Body Shop, purses, or eating);
Guerrilla warfare like attacks with Nerf guns and we have to include our American Pit Bull Terrier, Dori, or she does this obnoxiously loud whine-snort-lip puff-squirrel howl until we shoot the face...why she loves it, we have no idea, but we rest easy knowing if for some reason we have to end her life with a rifle, she'll wag her tail and ask for it;
Movies...sneaking in Jimmy Johns in our purses to scarf down while watching hot werewolves and sparkly vampires OR pre-loading on good food and a couple pitchers of yumminess;
Playing boardgames because you're just never too old for that;
or simply ooohing and aaahing gorging on fantastic food.
No matter what the activity, it's always a blast!  My friends are great, from all around the country, varying in origins of our how friendships began.  Coworker friends, Angel Mommy friends, family, or the group of our online gaming community friends!  They all mean so very much to me!  I couldn't choose just one group of friends, so here goes a few!

My husband and I are best friends. (Let the awws and gagging commence!)  
This was us New Years Eve 2011 in Las Vegas, NV for a friend's wedding.

Some of our online gaming buddies that come together annually for "The Gathering" at our house.

My coworker buddies after a couple pitchers, good food, many laughs and heading to a movie!

A couple of my many wonderful Angel Mommy friends!

"The best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake." ~ Aristotle

Stay tuned for Day 4 of the Blog Challenge:  A habit I wish I didn't have.  Oh dear, how do I choose just one???


  1. what game do you guys play online? my hubby is a big gamer. me not so much (i don't have the attention span for video games - lol).

    love all the pics. especially the one of you and your hubby

    1. I haven't gamed in quite a few years really - ever since Wyatt died, that's one of the hobbies I had that I just never picked up again. Used to play CounterStrike, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor were my favorite. First-person shooter games. I'm not quite sure what "the guys" are playing these days. When we get together in person, there is some computer/xbox gaming, but for the most part, we hang out with each other and play board games or they go paint-balling or bowling, etc. I like to play xbox as well - used to play Halo, but haven't played that in a couple years. Now I play Harry Potter on the Xbox Kinnect or Wii - I love pretending to wave a wand around and see some damage! LOL What does your hubby play??

  2. Hey girl!!! I came home today to the most GORGEOUS gift for alyssa!!!!!! Omg!! So unexpected and SO TALENTED! I have it in my room next to her special things. Anthony was amazed how loved Alyssa is. Thank you so much :'''''''))). I realized today I don't have ur # to text you /: so if you can email me it so we can KIT a little easier. I don't even have ur email lmao....its amazing how much FB keeps everyone in touch more :( miss seeing pics of danika, so if u can email me one of her too