Thursday, April 4, 2013


This is more than about termination of unwanted pregnancies, people. WAKE UP and pop your bubble of hate and ignorance! 

Do you have friends or family that are wanting to expand their families through IVF?  Well, you go ahead and tell them they can't, that it's wrong, and that you support the state banning them from creating children to add to their families that way.  Go ahead.  Crush their dreams of being parents.  While you're at it, since you're so pro-life, why don't you get pregnant and then give them your baby? 

Do you have a friend or family member who could die if they continued to carry the baby they are carrying because of a medical condition that makes pregnancy dangerous?  Are you willing to tell them, their partner, their other children, that this baby's life is more important and that if they both end up dying, you are more than ok with that?  You go right ahead and do that. You tell them their life isn't worth it.  You tell their families that you are ok that they can go ahead and die because a termination is not right for YOU.  Never-mind their own lives.  It's all about you.  After all, you'll be there for their families after they're dead, right?

Do you have a friend or family member that was happily expecting a baby only to find out that baby will die because of fatal diagnosis?

Yes....Yes, you do. That friend or family member was ME!!!!!!

Will you be there to tell them it's wrong to terminate to protect their other family members from the pain of the death of a child?  Will you be there to support them if they CHOOSE to carry to term, like I did?  Will you be there to watch their child suffer?  Will you be there to fight for that child's rights to be comfortable when a hospital, who was against termination, doesn't want to give comfort measures when your child is in pain?  Will you be there to fight for that child's right to be fed when the hospital tells the parents that feeding the "abnormal" child would "only be prolonging the inevitable"?  Will you be there to fight for that child's right to be kept warm when the hospital disagrees?  When the hospitals disagree to basic human comfort measures for a child THEY deem as not worthy of living, but were against termination during the pregnancy?  Guess what?  If you say you will be, you're probably lying.  Will you be there to pay for the medical bills from that child's short life?  Will you be there to pay for the funeral?  Will you be there to pay for the headstone?  Will you be there to pay for time out of work for maternity leave and grief?  Will you pay for psychologists for both your friend and their children to cope with the death?  Will you be there to cook meals, listen, support, and remember their child not just for a few weeks, but FOREVER?  Chances are, NO, because death makes people uncomfortable. So why should it EVER be YOUR choice when it comes to someone else's life?

North Dakota Assault on Women/Families

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